Harper Lee uses figurative language in this passage to portray Bob Ewell’s mannerisms. She first refers to him as a ‘little man’; not ascribing this to his small stature, but instead implying that he has been embarrassed previously. This is confirmed later in the sentence where it says that Bob had “forgotten his previous humiliation […]

Compare the ways characters’ doubts and uncertainties are presented in Othello and a selection of the poems you have studied. In the play, The Tragedy of Othello, many uncertainties and doubts arise amongst the characters. These are also shown in the poems Porphyria’s Lover and Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came, by Robert Browning. […]

In Chapter 16, we are confronted with many new groups of people. Everyone in Maycomb County is at the courthouse to view the ruling. This presents us with the theme of identity, as it is clear that the white and black people are segregating. This forms the theme of identity, because it shows that both […]

  In Chapter 13 of TKAM, Aunt Alexandra joins the Finch’s household, to act as the motherly figure. This presents many problems for the children, as she tries to impose regiments rules on them. She does not approve of Atticus’ parenting techniques and because of this, she feels shame. She is ashamed of what the […]

I barely noticed as my fingers danced across the keyboard. This was probably the thousandth time I had formed this pattern to log in. I moved my hand to the right, and clicked the blue button which allowed me access to the imaginary realm. The character model faded through the mist and I smiled as the […]

How has pride been shown in My Last Duchess and one other poem you have studied? Pride is apparent  My Last Duchess throughout the poem. The narrator makes it clear that he has a very authoritarian mindset, and talks about how he likes to control his wife. He soon feels that she is being unfaithful and […]

In chapter 6 of To Kill a Mockingbird Dill, Scout and Jem decide to adventure into the back yard of Boo Radley’s house. Dill manages to boost Jem and he gets a look at Nathan Radley. They end up fleeing out of pure fear and they hear a shotgun above their heads. The people Maycomb gather […]

  As humanity has progressed into the 21st century, technology has become more of a necessity. Whether it be mobile phones, laptops or even televisions. On average, 13-17 year old teenagers send approximately 3500 texts a month, making that over a 100 texts a day. Due to the constant use of SMS messaging, the grammar of […]

In chapter 4 of To Kill a Mockingbird, we see that summertime has come, and Dill makes a return to Maycomb. To prove his braveness, Jem decides to make a roleplaying game in which they play the Radley family. This goes on throughout the summer, and every time an adult passes, the freeze. This could possibly be […]